Rehabilitation Center

Continuum of Care

You may require changing levels of care during the course of your recovery. We offer a continuum of services that allow you to move from one level of care to another as your needs change. By remaining within the University system, you are ensured continuity and consistency throughout your individualized rehabilitation program.

Our Levels of Care Include:

Hospital Acute Therapy - Therapies required during your medical or surgical hospitalization provided to prepare you for the rehabilitation process.

Intensive Inpatient Rehabilitation - This around-the-clock program provides coordinated, specialized rehabilitation nursing, medical care, therapies, education, case management and psychosocial support.

Outpatient Rehabilitation -Therapies and services provided in a clinic, designed to maximize recovery and address your return-to-life activities such as work or recreation.

Physical Medicine Physician Clinic -Specialized clinics providing your on-going outpatient medical and rehabilitation physician care.

Home and Community - A comprehensive rehabilitation program, provided in the home and community, to promote independence in all aspects of life.

Community Outreach - Programs that provide education and experience to encourage your successful reconnection with life interests.