Rehabilitation Center

Ethics Statement

The Rehabilitation Center at the University of Utah Health Care is committed to the practice of ethical standards and conduct consistent with the Hospital's Mission, Vision, and Values Statements. This shall be reflected in relationships with:

  • Community Services
  • Services to Internal/External Customers
  • Staff and Other Service Providers
  • All Business Activities

Relationships with Community:

  • Identifies health care needs with regard to demographics, ethnic, cultural, social, and religious diversity.
  • Provides courteous, respectful care without bias.
  • Ensures that all programs and services provided are readily accessible to persons with disabilities.
  • Conducts research only that is approved through The Institutional Review Board.
  • Discloses all alliances, partnerships, and relationships openly.
  • Identifies a process to address ethical issues.
  • Advocacy.

Relationships with Patients and Families:

  • Provides all patients/families upon admission a Bill of Rights and Responsibilities that describe specific rights as a patient, as well as the hospital expectations of the patient's responsibilities.
  • Admits/transfers/discharges patients based upon patient needs, rights, scope of services, and available resources.
  • Provides patients/support system with considerate and respectful care, complete information regarding his/her care, a safe environment, confidentiality regarding care and treatment, reasonable response to request for services, participation in his/her own care, and the expectation of reasonable continuity of care.
  • Encourages patient or family members who feel that services rendered are below standard, or are otherwise unsatisfactory, to notify Rehabilitation Center Administration.

Relationships with Staff:

  • Offers a supportive and affirmative work environment.
  • Commits to continuous process improvement and quality outcomes.
  • Recruits and retains qualified staff, promotes staff competency and integrity.
  • Considers human resources issues with fairness and integrity.

Business Practice:

  • Conducts business practice with integrity, i.e., contractual arrangements, fair and accurate billing, ethical marketing of services.
  • Portrays all services and programs offered accurately in advertising, marketing, referral, or informational brochures.
  • Staff will refrain from accepting inappropriate gifts of value or monetary compensation.
  • Staff will disclose and address potential conflicts of interest.
  • Demonstrates corporate citizenship.

Please contact University of Utah Health Care's Ethics Committee if you have concerns regarding ethical code of conduct.