Rehabilitation Center

Our Philosophy

The Patient

The Rehabilitation Center is committed to the philosophy that the person with a physical impairment has the same basic rights and needs as any person. Additionally, we recognize that our patients require the specialized services of a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals to achieve their highest level of physical, psychological, social, and vocational adjustment. We also believe that the person with an impairment is part of a family and support system whose other members are participants in the rehabilitation process.

The rights, needs and cultural diversity of the family and support system are always considered. The patient's customized program is designed to maximize the individual's activities and participation in the environment outside of the facility. The patient and family are an integral part of the rehabilitation team.

The Rehabilitation Team

The rehabilitation of patients with complex impairments is a process based on the "team approach." This interdisciplinary team for each patient is determined by the patient's assessment, medical needs, predicted outcomes, and rehabilitation needs.

Members of the team include the patient, the patient's family and/or care givers, physician, and appropriate health professionals. The health professionals may be from the fields of physical medicine and rehabilitation (rehab medicine), physical therapy, occupational therapy, rehabilitation nursing, speech/language pathology, social work, case management, pharmacy, nutrition, respiratory therapy, psychology and recreational therapy.

The team is directed by the physiatrist (a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician), who also serves as the patient's treatment program leader. The dynamic process of ongoing evaluation, goal setting, therapy, and re-evaluation allows for the changes in the individualized treatment program as the patient progresses. Team members participate in each step of the process using the particular skills of his/her discipline.

More Information

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