Rehabilitation Center

The Rehab Process

All of our programs follow the same process:
Referral, Admission and Assessment, Comprehensive Treatment, Discharge, Follow-up

Each program has different criteria, however, our focus remains the same:
For you to achieve maximum independence.


The referral to the Rehabilitation Center allows us to identify the appropriate services for your needs. Information from you and your family, your referring physicians, nurse liaisons, case managers, and your insurance provider assist us in coordinating your admission to the appropriate level of care.

Admission and Assessment

There are two primary criteria for admission to Rehabilitation Center Programs: you must be able to benefit from the rehabilitation treatment plan and a financial resource must be identified.

Once you are admitted to one of our rehabilitation programs, the treatment team evaluates your needs and works with you and your family to set individual objectives. The team develops an appropriate treatment plan that incorporates your personal goals into your medical and rehabilitation care.

Comprehensive Treatment

Your individualized treatment plan is carried out by our highly experienced professional team using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques supported by research.

Throughout the treatment process, we communicate regularly with you and your family, your referring physician, and insurance providers to ensure that clinical goals & outcomes are progressing.


Discharge planning is already in process when you are admitted to our rehabilitation program. Our team identifies challenges and barriers you may face after discharge and works with you to find solutions.

One question you and your family may have is "When will I be discharged?" All discharge plans take into account your capacity to participate and benefit from the treatment program and your resources. We keep you fully informed about progress toward your anticipated discharge.


Our rehab team assists you with follow-up programs tailored to meet your specific needs. Based on your individual needs, we may also refer you to University or community-sponsored programs that offer various levels of support. As part of your follow-up, you may receive a phone call or a survey so we can monitor the success of your progress and discharge plan. These follow up surveys allow us to improve our services to all rehabilitation patients from the feedback we obtain from you.

For more information about services or admission, call 801-58-REHAB, (587-3422)