Rehabilitation Center

Amputee Program

Amputee Program

Our multidisciplinary team of specialists provides a complete continuum of care for amputees on their physical and emotional journeys to recovery.

Each patient has a collaborative team of specialists throughout the process such as surgeons, rehabilitation physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, prosthetists, social workers, nurses, and psychologists. Together, they focus on movement, strength, endurance, as well as pain management, counseling and education, and other tools to use in the community.

Working with the patient, our emphasis is on holistic rehabilitation. It’s not just about the fitting of an artificial limb, but also learning to have a highly functioning life once patients leave our care.

To schedule an appointment please call:

Phone: (801) 581-2267
Toll Free: (800) 824-2073

Medication Refills/Questions:
Phone: (801) 585-2094


University of Utah Hospital
50 North Medical Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84132

Services Include:

  • Pain management including residual limb pain and phantom pain
  • Prescription of the appropriate prosthesis.
  • Instruction and training in prosthetic fitting.
  • Instruction and training in walking and performing daily activities with a prosthesis
  • Skin care and management
  • Referral to therapy or other additional services
  • Disability rating

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