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Rehabilitation Center

Why Choose the University?

The University of Utah Inpatient Rehabilitation Center provides rehabilitative care where patients receive more, increasingly stimulating therapy in order to return home safely and effectively.

Medical Advantage:

Our attending medical staff consists of board-certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physicians. In addition University Hospital has relationships with an impressive number of expert physician consultants who bring expertise in a number of specialized areas of medicine related to rehabilitation. A physician is available on site 24/7 to respond quickly to patient needs. Other medical support services, such as diagnostic imaging, are also available on site, including radiographs (x-rays) and fluoroscopic studies, as well as medical support services, such as a pharmacy and clinical laboratory. Having these services in the hospital means that patient needs are cared for more quickly.  


CARF, or the Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities, has accredited the University of Utah Inpatient Rehabilitation Center. CARF accreditation means that you can be confident that an organization has made a commitment to continually enhance the quality of its services and programs, and its focus is on consumer satisfaction. The University of Utah Inpatient Rehabilitation services have met consumer-focused, state-of-the-art, international standards of performance.

Continuum of Care:

We offer a continuum of services that allow you to move from one level of care to another as your needs change. By remaining in the University system, you will receive continuity and consistency through your individualized rehabilitation program. Our continuum of care is focused on community re-entry, which for many people means returning to home, work or a supported community-living environment. Our levels of care include:

  • Hospital Acute Therapy
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation
  • Physical Medicine Physician Clinic
  • Community Outreach

Each level of care works to ensure that patients transition in the best way possible from level to level.

Board Certification:

Certification matters! ABPMR, Board Certified Specialists are leaders in their field because they voluntarily participate in lifelong learning to keep their skills and knowledge current. They demonstrate their commitment to quality clinical outcomes, patient safety and a responsive, patient-centered practice. The University of Utah Physical Medicine Specialists (physiatrists) are board-certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation. We also have a physiatrist with a subspecialty certification in spinal cord injury. This subspecialty status is unique to the Mountain West Region.

Advanced Technology-Rehabilitation Engineering:

A key component of our program is our assistive technology center. Advances in computer technology have revolutionized the field of assistive and adaptive technologies. Assistive technology can help individuals with physical and cognitive limitations to communicate as well as learn how to live with a new disability. Our technology specialists will create a customized system that enables you to maximize independence and accomplish day-to-day tasks. 

The Rehabilitation Center works closely with the University Engineering Department to design, develop, adapt, test, evaluate, apply and distribute technological solutions to problems confronted by individuals with disabilities. Functional areas that rehabilitation engineering may include are mobility, communications, hearing, vision, cognition, activities associated with employment, independent living, education and integration into the community. 

Patient and Family Training:

The most important members of your rehabilitation team are you and your caregivers. In order for your rehabilitation and discharge to be successful, you and your caregivers need to learn about specific care you may require. Throughout the rehab stay, we are committed to teaching you and your caregiver the information and skills needed to safely return home. We will provide opportunities to practice new skills with guidance from our rehabilitation team. We also encourage members of the patient’s family to attend therapy sessions, classes and support groups, so they can follow your progress and offer their support. 

Leaders in Research:

In addition to education and the many other services that The University of Utah Health Care provides, our faculty and staff conduct, collaborate and initiate research. We advance knowledge through innovative, basic and clinical research and translate our discoveries into applications that help people.  The University of Utah is ranked among the top 30 public research universities in the nation. The faculty of Physician Medicine and Rehabilitation is participating in several research projects designed to improve fitness, improve function, prevent sport injuries, reduce pain and improve medical techniques.

Expertise and Specialization:

The rehabilitation team understands the complexity of a stroke, a spinal cord injury or a brain injury and with that, the unique needs of a person who is recovering from these types of injuries. At the University, we have a Stroke Specialty Team, Spinal Cord Injury Team (SCI) and Brain Injury Team. Each team is under the leadership of the board-certified physiatrist that specializes in their particular area of expertise. All members of each specialty team have specialized training in the medical, nursing or therapeutic area and treatment of stroke, SCI or brain injury. The team applies their expertise to help each patient maximize their physical, functional, social psychological and medical gains before retuning back to the community or progressing to another level of care.

The University also offers specialized care for spasticity issues, amputation and other forms of severe illness and neurological injury. Our Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physicians at the University of Utah Orthopaedic Center provide specialty physician services for the prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation of sports, spine and other musculoskeletal disorders.