Supply Chain

New Product Introduction

UUHC is committed to optimizing the value of care provided to our patients.  In order to achieve this goal we build strong vendor partnerships that support a model of high quality and fair priced supplies.  To manage this process we have established Value Analysis Committees throughout our institution that perform a value based review of all new products.  If a vendor would like to offer a new product that supports this goal they must do the following:

Register with MedApproved

  • Obtain a University Clinical Sponsor for the new product
  • Submit your product request through MedApproved
  • Follow the guidelines outlined in our Policies and Procedures


MedApproved is a web-based solution that provides UUHC with the ability to electronically engage with clinicians, product sourcing specialists, vendors and other important stakeholders when reviewing product requests. The end result is a multi-disciplinary team making decisions based on an educated understanding of how a given product will impact patient care, financials, and how the product will ultimately support our strategic goals.

MedApproved Q&A