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Vendor Credentialing - Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why do I need to get a badge?

  • The New Badge indicates to Hospital staff that you are properly registered for the day
  • It includes the vendor’s picture, name, company name and date.
  • It is good for 12 hours. After that, a stop sign will display on the badge and your time is up
  • It will indicate the time and person they are meeting
  • It will display the term “Clinical” printed on the picture if they are approved to meet with personnel in patient care areas.

Q:   I can’t remember or don’t know my user name and password?

A:   On the Reptrax homepage click on the ‘Forgot my Password’ link and you can have it emailed to you or contact Reptrax at (214)-222-7484 and they can e-mail it to you. 


Q:  I am registered with Reptrax, but when I try to check-in they say I am not approved?

A:  If you are registered with Reptrax for one hospital, it does not mean you are credentialed for that specific facility. Every hospital has its own set of policies and educational modules that you will need to read and sign off. Make sure you target the University of Utah Healthcare on the Reptrax website and complete our modules prior to check-in.


Q: My supervisor occasionally accompanies me when I visit your facilities/clinics. Does he/she need to pay and register with Reptrax for UUHC?

A: Exceptions are at the discretion of Materials Management and Pharmacy. A vendor badge is not required if the only place you visit is the Drug Information Service.


Q: How long does it take to check in?

A: Please give yourself at least 10 minutes for the process. The process is relatively quick. Once registered, you will present your photo I.D., staff will find your profile on the database and ask you where and when your appointment/(s) is/(are) located. At that point they will print up a badge and put a white sticker over the red X. Please plan time to check in, as this is not the only job duty of material management personnel.


Q:  Why is there a red stop sign on the badge? Or how long until the vendor badge expires?

A:  The red stop sign and the time token sticker will have a chemical reaction within 12 hours; after that the badge is expired.


Q: Where do I check in?

A: Here is the list of locations:

Main Hospital:
Building 525, Level A, Room A110
Case Management: Gloria Roybal, Room AC135, Case Management Dept
Main Operating Room: after hours, and for emergency cases - 3rd floor, OR front desk

Huntsman Hospital (HCH): 1950 Circle of Hope
Front Information Desk, 1st floor

Clinical Neurosciences Center (CNC):
5th Floor Administration desk

University Orthopedic Center (UOC):
Surgical Admitting, 1st floor

John A. Moran Center:
Main Information desk, 1st floor

University Neuropsychiatric Institute (UNI): 501 Chipeta Way
Main Information desk, 1st floor

Redwood Clinic – front desk, Kathy Shepherd office hrs 9 am – 5 pm
Madsen Clinic

Q: What if there is an emergency situation and the vendor needs to be on-site?

A: We realize that after normal business hours and under circumstances involving patient safety there might be times when a vendor will need access to provide services. The vendor will be required to retrospectively document their presence in the hospital after the case is complete. Distro (at the main hospital) is open 24-7.


Q: Do clergy or volunteers need to register with our Vendor Credentialing service provider (Reptrax)?

A: No. Volunteers already have permanent picture I.D.s that should be worn at all times. They are considered employees by regulatory agencies. Volunteer Services manages this process.


Please contact Reptrax directly with further questions or call (214)-222-7484.