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Networking & Internet


The Utah Telehealth Network is set up as a hub and spoke model with a redundant core. The Utah Telehealth Network connects to the University of Utah Hospital, the University of Utah, Internet2, National Lambda Rail (NLR) and the Internet via two one Gigabit Ethernet connections. Most network sites utilize dedicated T1(1.544Mbps) WAN services that connect to the Eccles Broadcasting Center located at the University of Utah. Some member or affiliated sites utilize DSL internet services. Currently all WAN services support data, voice and video communications using IP.


Dedicated Circuits

UTN provides leased circuits to healthcare facilities starting at speeds of 1.5 Megabits per second (Mbps). UTN manages these circuits, including the provisioning, monitoring, and maintenance of one firewall, router and Ethernet switch per circuit. UTN has received a $9 million funding committment from the FCC for the Utah ARCHES project, which will upgrade infrastructure to high speed dedicated Ethernet services.

Extension to Satellite Facilities

Many health care providers with dedicated circuits to UTN also have satellite clinics or offices to which they need to connect.  Whether UTN provides the connectivity or not, if the router and firewall at the satellite site are linked directly to the UTN-managed router and firewall for the main site, UTN will manage these devices at the satellite site as well. Connections between a main site and its satellite location require a secure connection. UTN will build secure network connections (virtual private networks) between the facilities.

Network Interoperability

Some health care facilities have UTN and non-UTN networks within the same facility. UTN will coordinate connectivity with local technicians to configure network elements so that UTN and other services operate efficiently and without conflicts.

Local Area Network Assistance

Generally, UTN does not support, and is not responsible, for Local Area Networks (LANs). However, at the request of the local technician, UTN will assist with configuring or troubleshooting a LAN.


For more information or support, contact UTN network operations.