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IT Security

FirewallAs a network of unrelated health care facilities, UTN understands the importance of protecting network and information security, particularly as it relates to HIPAA privacy and security. UTN has developed a suite of security services that cater for and can be adapted to members’ business requirements. This includes encryption, web content filtering and firewall provisioning, all designed to help protect against malware, spyware, Internet attacks and operating system vulnerabilities. This service includes regular vulnerability scans of the network to help identify and fix any weaknesses that would normally be exploited by hackers if left unattended. UTN will also create secure connections from member to non-member facilities.


Vulnerability scanning
Regular vulnerability scanning identifies any weaknesses that could be exploited by hackers if left unattended. Both the UTN WAN and member site LANs are scanned.  Results are shared with the technicians at the health care facilities. Both UTN and the health care facilities address any vulnerabilities identified through the scanning.

Encryption services
UTN configures and supports site-to-site Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to secure data between sites and restrict access to specific information or devices.  UTN also offers a user access VPN (SSL-VPN) for individuals to access sites within UTN.  Finally, UTN assists in setting up videoconferencing encryption as well as software VPNs used for other health information technology applications.

Web filtering
Web filtering allows sites to enforce Internet use policies, blocking specific web sites. Web filtering can improve network performance by restricting bandwidth for unnecessary use.

Firewall provisioning
Much of network security is accomplished by provisioning firewalls, a service managed by UTN.

Information Security Policy
Utah Telehealth Network (UTN) connects unrelated health care facilities to improve access to health care services and resources through the innovative use of technology.  It supports telehealth, the exchange of protected health information, and collaboration among unrelated organizations.  The network is at risk from potential threats such as human error, accident, system failures, natural disasters, and criminal or malicious action.

The purpose of this policy is to secure the network to protect sensitive information and systems which may traverse or reside on the network.  This policy is applicable to all users and organizations that use UTN.


For more information or support, contact UTN network operations.

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