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Value Added Services

In addition to our core services, the Utah Telehealth Network has the experience and specific industry knowledge to offer the following value added services.


Training is part of the process when adding new videoconferencing systems, patient care applications, and educational programs. Refresher training may be requested as needed. Additional training on a variety of topics is available. Upon request, customized training can be provided to meet the needs of a particular audience.



UTN has expertise and experience in many aspects of telehealth: telehealth program development, clinical application development, technical planning, deploying video networks, software evaluation and implementation, and more. UTN's consulting services may include recommendations for the purchase of new videoconferencing endpoints or advanced networking solutions. These services provide clients with the documentation and support to make informed decisions.

New Customer Support

When considering telehealth, it can be difficult to know where and how to start. The Utah Telehealth Network assists new customers by providing the expertise to evaluate their unique requirements and provide a solution that fits their technical requirements, business model and budget. UTN will provide guidance throughout the process, from design and planning through implementation.

New Customer

Universal Service Rural Health Care Program Application Management

The Universal Service program provides significant discounts on telecommunication lines for eligible rural health care facilities, making connectivity more affordable. With years of experience and expertise in the processing of required annual multi-part forms, UTN manages the annual application process for health care facilities to ensure that full discounts are realized.

For more information about the Universal Service program visit the FCC website or for program details, go to the Rural Health Care program home page on the USAC website.

Grant Writing & Collaboration

Telehealth grants have been used to build and upgrade our network and to expand telehealth services. Utah Telehealth Network seeks out and applies for federal and foundation grants in collaboration with health care partners, especially UTN members.