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Assessment Protocols

Assessment Protocols


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Computer Requirements

This EMSC Protocols require a computer with Adobe Flash Player 9 or later in order to take full advantage of all of its features.  Click the following link to install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer

Assessment Video On Demand

Click on the protocol you wish to watch from the menu to the right.

To watch videos click here for Adobe Flash Player

Assessment Media

With the popularity of iPods/iPhones and other mobile devices as a medium for accessing video on demand the Utah Telehealth Network has expanded media services to include other forms of distributing content to the public.

Windows Media Stream

Click on the "Watch" link below the desired protocol to view the Video in a
Microsoft Windows Media Stream right on your computer.


Take your Video On Demand on the go!  Right-click on the "MP4" link below
the desired protocol and select "Save..."or "Download..." (Ctrl-click on Mac)
to download to your computer, portable media player or podcast software.

Assessment and Transport
of the Neonate
Watch | MP4

Pediatric General
Pediatric General Assessment
Watch | MP4

Assessment of the Child
with Special Health Care Needs
Special Health Care Needs
Watch | MP4

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