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Getting Started

A variety of patient care applications are delivered via telemedicine using the Utah Telehealth Network. These may be delivered using one or more of these technologies: videoconferencing, store-and-forward, such as teleradiology or the transmission of echocardiograms, and remote monitoring. UTN staff facilitates the development of new clinical programs by assisting health care providers in the following areas.

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Planning - Analysis & Recommendations

Many patient care services can be adapted to be delivered at a distance. The time and energy of planning is essential to successful telemedicine applications

Needs Assessment and Organizational Analysis
Elements included at this stage are the proposed clinical application; the target population; workflow; and organizational structure.

Infrastructure Assessment
Based upon the specifics of the clinical application, UTN will assess network connectivity; existing equipment, if any; physical space for conducting telemedicine encounters.

Equipment recommendations
UTN will make recommendations for equipment, network upgrades, room layout and setup.

Administrative details
UTN can provide sample patient consent forms; review procedures for maintaining patient privacy and security; and provide information on pertinent topics such as coding and reimbursement for the patient encounters as well as licensing and credentialing for providers.


UTN can facilitate all steps in the implementation process.

Protocol Development
UTN will work with health care providers to modify existing in-person patient visit processes to work in a telemedicine setting when the patient is at a different location than the specialist. The goal of telemedicine protocols is to ensure that providers at both locations have a similar understanding of what will occur and how to work together.

UTN can provide and/or coordinate training for health professionals and personnel at both ends of the encounter. Training covers using the technology and practicing “mock” patient visits prior to seeing patients, and as a review as needed, so that health care providers are comfortable delivering services via telemedicine on their own.

Technical support
UTN will assist with new equipment setup and testing, security implementation, scheduling and connecting.  UTN will be on site (actually nearby, but not in the same room to protect patient privacy) and available as new implementations are launched. UTN is available 24/7 to troubleshoot problems once the new applications have been implemented.


This is an ongoing effort of continuous improvement which includes input, feedback, site visits, and periodic reviews. Evaluation can be a formal or informal process, but the goal remains the same.


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