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Web Streaming, Recording & Archiving

In addition to offering Videoconferencing services, UTN has developed a wide range of programming that can be viewed without the need for specialized Videoconferencing equipment or infrastructure.

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Web Streaming

Web Streaming is the broadcast of video/audio content using the Internet. This is a one-way feed and is offered in two different modes:

Note: Many individual networks restrict streaming video. To check if you can use UTN’s Live Web Cast feature please read the Live Webstreaming Instructions.


RecordingUTN records, edits and makes available presentations and other events transmitted over its network. These presentations are recorded with the express permission of the individuals or organizations involved and stored either on DVD and/or a central library server. The recordings are stored at different speeds permitting quality online playback regardless of the internet bandwidth available to the user.  Following are the recording services offered:


UTN archives programs for later use. Presenters typically determine how long their events are to be archived.



For more information, or to request any of these services, please contact the UTN Videoconferencing Coordinator.