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Glossary of Terms

Audio Connections Term used when adding phone connections to the videoconferencing bridge.
Bandwidth The measure of available or consumed data communication resources expressed in bit/s or multiples of it (kbit/s, Mbit/s etc)
Codec Acronym for COder/DECoder, consist of hardware and software that converts video/audio to a format that can be transmitted to another Codec.
Dialing Speed Amount of bandwidth used when using videoconferencing equipment.  The current standard is 384 Kbps (Kilobit per second)
Desktop Video Camera and software installed on a desktop computer
End point All types of videoconferencing equipment: desktop, room units, rack mountable, recording devices
Point to Point One endpoint connecting to another endpoint
Rack mountable Video equipment that is not mobile and normally used with more complicated AV room setups.
Rebroadcast A video event that has been recorded and then presented at a later time using the bridge and videoconferencing equipment
Room unit Mobile cart with a TV and Camera that can be moved from room to room
Scan Converter Hardware that is used to convert computer images so that they can be viewed though videoconferencing equipment.
Videoconferencing Bridge Equipment that is used to connect 2 or more videoconferencing endpoints together.  Can also connect audio connections.
Video on Demand Viewing a pre-recorded video event using your computer or a handheld device and the internet
Webstreaming The umbrella term used for the following:  Live webstreaming, video on demand, podcasting