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Schedule an Event


ScheduleHave you been given the responsibility to organize a videoconference? Need some help?

Do you know what videoconferencing is?  Your answers are just a click away.

UTN is committed to providing the best customer service experience possible.  We have put together some scheduling and organizing tips that can assist you with the process of scheduling a videoconference.. 

You can contact the UTN scheduling office directly or you can enter your request over the web.  There is a form below for you to contact us. 

We have a monthly and weekly calendar view of the video conferences that have been scheduled.  The weekly view allows you to drill down into the details of the event.  Be sure to click on the space below the event name to get the details.

A glance will tell you if the video event has already been scheduled or if a new request needs to be entered


UTN scheduling office
Phone: 801-585-2426
Toll-free: 866-525-5622
Fax: 801-585-2527