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Utah Telehealth Enterprise Database

Learn why "one size fits none" when it comes to telehealth scheduling systems.

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 Presented by Rich Evans, Senior Software Engineer, Utah Telehealth Network


U-TED© is a complete database system designed and developed in-house by the Utah Telehealth Network to aid in managing information and business processes in a Telehealth organization. U-TED© is available to other Telehealth organizations as an open source application. U-TED© includes modules that cover the following areas:

U-TED© base system minimum software requirements:

Optional modules may require additional software:

U-TED© is a copyrighted software solution.  U-TED© is provided free for download, complete with all design documents and source code.  There is no support for U-TED©.

To download U-TED, read and accept the Software Agreement and then download U-TED©.