Maps & Directions

University Hospital maps and general driving directions

University Hospital
50 North Medical Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84132
1st Floor
Room 1R211

Directions to the Clinic:

As you enter the hospital in the main lobby, keep right and move through the lobby. You will pass the lab, the pharmacy, and escalator as you proceed to the main clinic hallway. Pass Clinics 1, 2 and 3 and keep going straight across a “window bridge.” At the end of the “window bridge” turn left once you pass Clinics 4 and 6 (on the right) and dermatology (on the left). This is at the “A” elevators and the first through-hallway on your left. Go down the long hallway, through a set of double doors (automatic door opener on the right wall). Our clinic will be on the right hand side. Don’t worry—we will have lots of signs directing you where to go! A map is also on this page. If you have trouble finding us, please ask someone at one of the Information Desks in the hospital lobby to help you, or call our clinic ((801) 585-3713), and we will come out and help you.


University Hospital has two options for patient parking. You may choose whichever option is most convenient for you. A map for parking is included on this page. Valet. This is a FREE service the university provides to patients and their families. You can simply pull up to the parking spaces in front of the hospital. A valet attendant will take your car keys and park the car for you while you attend your appointment. They will give you a ticket that designates which car is yours. Keep this ticket with you. When you are ready to leave, go to the valet desk just inside the hospital entrance, and give them your ticket. An attendant will pull your car around for you.

Self-parking in the covered garage marked “Visitor Parking.” There is a covered parking garage connected to the hospital that is strictly for patient use. There are designated handicapped parking spots here. You may park anywhere in the garage that is not marked "reserved". This garage provides easy access to the main hospital entrance.


For those of you requiring assistance getting to our clinic from the hospital entrance, wheelchairs are available at the entrance, and you are welcome to use these. If you are traveling alone and need assistance, the valet can assist you with transferring from your car to the wheelchair and back. If you need assistance with getting to our clinic in the wheelchair, please ask someone at one of the information desks or call our clinic ((801) 585-3713).