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University Health Care’s Lung Transplant team is committed to helping patients and families navigate the complex journey of lung transplantation. The Lung Transplant Team gives each patient a thorough evaluation to determine whether transplantation is the right option. The Lung Transplant team takes a multidisciplinary approach, providing patients access to a team of health care professionals experienced in all medical and surgical aspects of transplantation.


EvaluationThe evaluation is usually done on an outpatient basis unless you are critically ill and require hospitalization. In addition to meeting with members of the lung transplant team, during the evaluation you will have appointments with other specialists and undergo a number of pre-transplant tests. The pre-transplant tests, as well as giving a clear picture of the patient's overall health status, help in identifying potential problems before they occur. They also help in determining whether transplantation is truly the best option and increases the likelihood of success.


Waiting List

After all of your information has been reviewed by the Transplant Team and the recommendations have been completed and it has been determined that you are an acceptable candidate, we will be able to pursue the financial approval from your insurance company for authorization for lung transplant. Your insurance company will need to review your records, confirming that you meet criteria for transplant. When we have received authorization from your insurance company and the hospital financial department, we can then proceed to place you on the waiting list.

Waiting times

Waiting times depend on your blood type, the severity of your illness, body size and the number of donors available and are therefore difficult to predict. If you have questions regarding your waiting time once you are listed, please talk to your transplant coordinator.



While you wait for your transplant, you will need to carry cell phone with you at all times. When a lung becomes available, a nurse coordinator will contact you and instruct you on next the steps. You will be admitted to the hospital and the transplant staff will guide you in your preparation for surgery.

The surgery can take from 6 to 12 hours, depending on the patient’s medical condition and previous surgeries. After surgery, the patient goes to the surgical intensive care unit (SICU), usually for 24 to 48 hours. The expected length of hospital stay for an uncomplicated lung transplant is 7-14 days.


After Transplant

You will begin learning all about your new lung/s, how to take care of them, how to prevent infection and rejection, your medications, and your clinic and lab schedule. The coordinators, pharmacists and nurses will teach you how to take care of yourself now that you have your new lung/s. You will receive a Post Transplant Manual. THIS IS YOUR LIFE LONG GUIDE. The Transplant Coordinator will come to your room to review the content of the manual, answer questions, and review your medications.

Patients will be seen as needed in the outpatient clinic. Communicating with your primary care physician is an important part of the transition and the Lung Transplant team is available to answer any questions that may arise.


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