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Study Description:

This study is similar in design and objectives to that of the previous cholangiocarcinoma study. It looks at changes of healthy tissues to hepatic syndromes. This study captures patients with precursor diseases to cholangiocarcinoma such as PSC, Ulcerative Colitis, IBD, and Crohns. Tissue is saved from patients who are undergoing a biopsy, operation, or other procedure. No extra tissue is harvested; just a portion of the tissue obtained for standard of care will be saved.

Participant Eligibility:

  • Patients are usually eligible for the protocol once they have attained their eighteenth birthday and are undergoing a procedure where tissue from their kidney, liver, heart, brain, lung, adrenal, muscle, skin, stomach, intestine, etc.

Guidelines for Ineligiblity:

  • Patients are usually excluded for medical co-morbidities that would preclude the use of general anesthesia. Pregnant patients and those patients hoping to become pregnant will not be eligible for the study.

How long does it run?

10,000 patients over the next ten years

Location(s) of clinical trial

University of Utah Hospital
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, 84105

Principal Investigator: Jason Schwartz, M.D

Contact Info:

Status: Open Enrollment

Name, Phone, Email

Contact: Jason Schwartz, M.D, 801-585-2708

Please Note:

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