Travel Clinic



Planning a trip? Be prepared. One in four travelers report an illness or other health problem while traveling. You can significantly reduce your risk of illness abroad with a pre-travel consultation.

Pre-travel consultations should be made at least one month before traveling to your destination. 

Patients of the Travel Clinic receive:

Pre-Travel Consultation

Our specialists meet with each traveler to learn more about their plans, their destinations and what they will be doing while away. With this information, our care team creates a treatment plan, recommending immunizations and medications to prevent illness for the specific area of travel.

Travelers will receive relevant travel information about their destination, including:

  • Up-to-date information on potential health threats, including disease outbreaks, and travel advisories.
  • Tips and advice on how to remain safe and healthy during travel.
  • Helpful information on the local culture.
  • Information for patients who are pregnant or traveling with young children.
  • Detailed information about immunizations received.

An important component of the consultation is education.  We educate travelers on how to stay safe and healthy while traveling and provide you with the most up-to-date information.

Administration of Immunizations

While it's not the most fun part of traveling, it is the most important.  Travelers are able to receive immunizations during their consultation.  Our qualified medical staff are pros and will make travelers feel comfortable.

Immunizations--Read More

If you would like more information on which vaccines are recommended for the country/countries you're traveling to, please visit the Centers for Disease Control website here

Travel-Related Prescriptions and Refills

Immunizations aren't the only line of defense to keep travelers healthy.  Prescription medications are also an important part of any travel plan.  Travelers are able to receive prescriptions for travel-related medications.


For post-travel care, our board-certified infectious disease specialists will evaluate and treat illnesses that you may develop while traveling. Should you develop acute or persistent symptoms after returning home, such as fevers above 101° F, our healthcare providers can evaluate you for evidence of travel-related diseases. Long-term travelers are more likely to benefit from routine follow-up medical evaluation. The extent of your work-up will depend on your travel itinerary, history of disease while traveling and symptoms that are present after travel.