Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does the ASDC serve?

We provide services for children, adolescents, and adults with autism spectrum disorders and their families.

Does ASDC serve people without ASD?

Most services are designed with people with ASD in mind. However, our therapy groups can be for anyone who needs support with ASD- type challenges, such as social skills.

What kinds of testing do you perform?

We offer evaluations for ASD for individuals of any age. Other testing or psychiatric consultation may be offered for the purpose of clarifying an ASD diagnosis or offering additional insights into co-occurring conditions (such as mental health conditions, IQ, adaptive functioning, behavior problems).

Do you accept insurance?

Testing and group services are self-pay. However, we will provide receipts and other needed information if you would like to pursue reimbursement from your insurance provider. We have contracts with several insurance carriers to providers covered therapy and consultation services.

What if we can’t afford to pay for groups or assessments?

If the cost of our services poses a financial hardship for your family, please let us know. We have partial scholarships available to help you access the services you need.

What kind of issues could be addressed in therapy?

Therapy is individualized and goals are established during the first session. We might address behavior problems, social difficulties, co-occurring emotional problems, such as anxiety and depression, as well as family dynamics.

What if the individual needs medication?

We have a psychiatrist who can perform a onetime psychiatric consultation and communicate findings to your personal physician. We are not able to provide ongoing psychiatric care. However, we can refer you to the child, adolescent and adult specialty Clinic, which is located in our building. If medication management is recommended, a psychiatric provider can also be recommended based on treatment focus, where you live and your insurance coverage.

What is a behavioral consultation?

Many children/adolescents with ASD at times display difficult to manage behaviors (such as aggression, self-injury, oppositional behavior). We can help set up home behavior plans and help families manage these behaviors more effectively.

What is a school consultation?

We are able to assist in collaborations with your school to obtain special education services (IEP process) or help set up 504 plans (for accommodations). Please call us if you have specific questions, and we can tell you if we can help.