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Recovery Works Outpatient Program

AA meetingRecovery Works is an intensive outpatient program for adults struggling with drug and alcohol problems. Patients work in a group therapy setting four nights a week for eight weeks. To ensure success after completion of treatment, continued weekly aftercare support is available for participants.

The multidisciplinary treatment team includes a board certified psychiatrist, social workers, licensed substance abuse counselors, a nurse, and expressive therapists. The program incorporates the philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous with participants expected to attend 12 Step meetings. Essential to the program is the families participation in a family group held once a week. Equine therapy is also integrated into the program.

To be included in Recovery Works, individuals must be medically clear and detoxified from alcohol and drugs. Regular attendance is required.

A Young Adult Recovery Works specialist is available and addresses the unique aspects of chemical dependency in patients 18–26 years of age.

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