The Parent Provider Council is an advisory group made up of parents, community providers, state agency representatives and clients who volunteer their time to consult with the Neurobehavior HOME Program on strategic and service matters. If you work closely with the HOME Program and are interested in joining the council please contact our clinic. Functions include the following:

  • Facilitating communication between parents, the clinical team and staff regarding health care (inclusive of medical and mental health) concerns for our clients
  • Promoting a positive relationship with the state legislators, regional representatives, university programs and other agencies relating to the care of our clients
  • Assisting the Neurobehavior HOME Program in informing parents, guardians and community providers of clinical programs and activities
  • Advising the Neurobehavior HOME clinical team in the following areas: customer service, quality of care issues and use of resources and agencies in the community to support our clinical enterprise
  • Educating council members through in-services on various genetic, neurodevelopmental and medical topics pertaining to our clients

Council Members

Trisha Beck, Parent
Michael Deily, Community Liaison
Robin Stewart, Support Coordinator
Alice Farnsworth, DSPD
Eric Johnson, Client
Mary Johnson, Parent
Jeri Hofeling, Parent
Katie Willette, Support Coordinator
Laura Bogner, JST Community Supports
Chase Lodder, Client
Gabby Gallegos, North Eastern Services
Leslie Garso, Parent

Contact Us

(801) 581-5515