Neurobehavior HOME Program

Patient Experience

We brought our son to the Neurobehavior HOME program in 2004. At that time he was having problems with aggressive behavior, which limited his social and work opportunities. It also created much stress and anxiety within his family. Now our son seldom displays aggressive behavior, and his reasoning and thought processes have greatly improved. He has been successful in his job at his day program, and people who know him have commented on his "remarkable" progress. We attribute this amazing turnaround to the efforts of his doctor and staff at the Neurobehavior HOME Program. We like the convenience of having his primary physician in the same place as his therapist and psychiatrist to handle medical concerns that come up. Everyone at the clinic is genuinely concerned about our son and many times have gone the extra mile on his behalf. Many thanks to the entire team.

-Sue & Phil Francis, parents

The interdisciplinary team of professionals at Neurobehavior HOME has integrated their specialties in order to maximize their services in helping people with disabilities in achieving their higher quality of life and their true potential. They truly make a difference that sets the benchmark in their services.

-Jeremy Johnson, Independent Behavior Consultant

The HOME Program has helped me through some tough times and has helped me lose weight. They have been supportive in my decisions and helped me meet my goals.

-M.D., patient of the Neurobehavior HOME Program

The care provided by the clinic is truly outstanding. I am always thrilled to know that I can refer patients to the HOME Program because I know the comprehensive care they will receive will benefit the patient greatly. As an inpatient doctor, I find the communication with the HOME Program outstanding and extremely helpful in coordinating care for these complex individuals."

-Howard Weeks, MD, University Neuropsychiatric Institute

The HOME Program has helped me get my life cleaned up and has supported me in getting married. They have understood me and helped me have success.

-R.T., patient of the Neurobehavior HOME Program

The coordinated efforts of the UNI HOME Program has benefited a number of people supported by our agency. Their friendly caring staff have especially helped those people with complex medical and psychiatric challenges. I highly recommend their services.

-Chris Frankowski, Area Director, Chrysalis Enterprises