Vasectomy is a surgical procedure performed to make a man sterile or unable to father a child. It is a permanent male birth control measure and a means of contraception used in many parts of the world.

Generally, vasectomy leaves the patient unchanged except that the vas deferens—the tubes leading to the testes—are blocked. The testes still produce sperm, but the sperm die and are absorbed by the body. The level of testosterone remains the same and all male sexual characteristics remain the same. For most men, the ability to have an erection is unchanged.

A total of nearly 50 million men have had vasectomies, a number equal to about five percent of all married couples of reproductive age. Approximately half a million vasectomies are performed in the United States each year. Nearly one out of six men over age 35 has had a vasectomy.

William O. Brant, M.D., FECSM, FACS

William O. Brant, MD FACS FECSM, is a board-certified urologist, specializing in sexual dyfunction, disorders of the penis, Men's health, Peyronies diesease, male urinary incontinence, scrotal and testicular problems, and prosthetic surgery. He attended Dartmouth College (undergraduate) and the University of Washington, Seattle (graduate) and then ... Read More

Blake D. Hamilton, M.D.

Blake D. Hamilton, M.D.Dr. Hamilton has several areas of interest and expertise.His primary interest is minimally invasive kidney surgery. This began at the Cleveland Clinic in the 1990’s, where he was in the forefront of urologic laparoscopy. From there, he brought to Utah extensive experience in laparoscopic renal and adrenal surgery. He has been... Read More


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Dr. Andrew Southwick is a board certified urologist who practices general urology at the University of Utah Hospital and Clinics. He received his undergraduate degree from The University of Puget Sound and attended medical school and residency at the University of Utah. He pursued a fellowship in general urology and laparoscopy at the Waikato Hospi... Read More

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