Also known as bent penis or induratio penis plastica, Peyronies disease (PD) is a surprisingly common disorder that can cause significant sexual problems. Reconstructive urologists in our urology clinic can offer solutions to treat this condition.

What is Peyronie’s Disease?

PD is a condition in which inflammation or scarring of the tough covering of the erectile portion of the penis leads to symptoms. It usually starts with inflammation and, over time, becomes scar and stabilizes. During this first, or inflammatory phase, patients may have pain (either just in the flaccid state or with erection), tenderness, a mass, curvature or other deformities.

Often, men notice that the process evolves during this period. The deformity may get worse. For example, men usually notice that the penis gets shorter and narrower, sometimes just at one part of the penis. This period lasts for a variable amount of time, ranging from months to years. Eventually, the disorder goes into the second, or stable, phase. Usually the pain is gone (except sometimes during intercourse) and the deformity is stable.

One of the more frequent problems in men with Peyronie’s disease, is a bend in the penis that interferes with sexual activity. Treatments either medical or surgical can help with this bending and restore sexual dysfunction.

Sara Lenherr, MD, MS

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Dr. Lenherr is a urologist who focuses on treatment of female incontinence and management of bladder dysfunction caused by neurologic disorders or prior surgeries. She also cares for patients with urethral diverticuli, vesicovaginal or urethral fisutlas and mesh complications in the bladder or urethra. She preforms many procedures in the clinic inc... Read More


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Kelley E. Taylor, NP

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Kelley is a board-certified adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioner (AG-ACNP). She has been with the University of Utah Department of Urology since 2014. Prior to this, her educational emphasis was adult urology. Clinical emphases include men’s health and male infertility as well as clinic procedures for hypogonadism, erectile dysfunction, ... Read More


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