Utah Diabetes & Endocrinology Center

Adult Diabetes Clinic

The Utah Diabetes and Endocrinology Center (UDEC) provides individualized medical care with thorough management of blood glucose, the latest diagnostic services and multidisciplinary services for management of diabetes and its complications. Our providers focus on rigorous glucose, lipid and blood pressure management ensuring that our patients meet all therapeutic targets or screening tests recommended by national organizations.

  • An estimated 120,000 people suffer from diabetes in Utah.
  • More than half of the people diagnosed with diabetes are unaware of having it until complications occur.
  • Diabetes and its complications cause pain, suffering and premature death.
  • It is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States and is a contributing factor in many other deaths.
  • Diabetes prematurely claims the life of one American every three minutes and reduces the life expectancy of those who do survive by 15 years!

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