Healthy Body-Healthy Heart

care-met program

The Care-Met Program is a combined approach to heart and metabolism care focusing on regular screenings, dietary counseling, physical fitness coaching, and cardiovascular care. The goal of the program is to help patients manage their heart care and metabolism while partnering with their specialist, who studies the effectiveness of treatment and management techniques in order to improve future care for patients with cardiovascular disease.

Diabetes Clinic

diabetes clinic

Whether pre-diabetic or diabetic with type 1 or 2 disease, the diabetes center focuses on educating and treating patients about the effects and possible complications of their disease. These methods include classes and training in glucose, lipid, and blood pressure management. The patient receives the best evaluation, treatment, and recommendation available from clinically practicing physicians who also conduct cutting-edge research.

Diabetes Education

diabetes class

Essential for diabetes patients is knowing what their disease is and how it will affect them. You can register for diabetes education taught by the center include information about weight management, healthy eating, and complications associated with diabetes. The goal is to help empower our patients to make healthy decisions by providing the best resources and knowledge available about their condition.

Endocrinology Disorder Diagnosis

Endocrinology Disorder Diagnosis

Diagnosing disorders of the endocrinology system can be a complicated process. Our patients have the advantage of being evaluated by the top specialists in endocrinology disorders. Testing processes that we use include osteoporosis testing and thyroid and parathyroid ultrasonography.

Endocrinology Disorder Treatment

Endocrinology Disorder Treatment

Treating endocrinology disorders can be complex as you and your physician determine the cause of the disorder and possible treatment effects. From diabetes to hormone imbalances and nodules in the endocrine system, our physicians provide expert evaluation and management recommendations for these disorders and conditions. Choosing our specialists will offer you more treatment expertise and resources to cope with your condition alongside the most recent clinical research of treatment methods.

Thyroid & Parathyroid Clinic

Thyroid NOdule Clinic

The Thyroid & Parathyroid Clinic cares for patients who have nodules on their thyroid, hypeprarathyroidism, and thyroid cancers. Our clinic specialists conduct biopsies and other procedures in same-day visits as well as offer management recommendations and long-term cancer care.