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Primary Care Videos

Crystal Armstrong, M.D.

Crystal Armstrong, M.D., video bio

Brian Ely, D.O.

Brian Ely, D.O., video bio

RSV - Respiratory syncytial virus

Calvin Tenort, Respiratory Therapist explains the symptoms of RSV and when to visit the ER

Hena Kundra, M.D.

Hena Kundra, M.D., video bio

Marian Pham, M.D.

Marian Pham, M.D., video bio

David Poor, M.D.

David Poor, M.D., video bio

Melissa Briley, PA-C

Melissa Briley, PA-C

Elderly slips and falls

Dr. Deanne Long discusses the dangers of slips and falls for the elderly and how to help someone who may have fallen.

Heather George, PA-C

Heather George, PA-C, video bio