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Heather George, PA-C

Heather George, PA-C, video bio

Allyson Sorensen, PA-C

Allyson Sorensen, PA-C, video bio

Ali Salari, D.O.

Ali Salari, D.O., video bio

Elderly slips and falls

Dr. Deanne Long discusses the dangers of slips and falls for the elderly and how to help someone who may have fallen.

Walter Townson, M.D.

Walter Townson, M.D., video bio

Phil Isenberg, M.D.

Phil Isenberg, M.D.

Johanna Greenberg, PA-C

Johanna Greenberg, PA-C, video bio

Kevin Wilson, M.D.

Kevin Wilson, M.D., video bio

Gallbladder Attack

Lisa Deschamps, RN explains the the symptoms of a Gallbladder attack and when to go to the ER.