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Women And Heart Attack

Dr. Deanne Long explains the differences with heart attack symptoms in women and what to look for.

Bryan Franco, PA-C

Bryan Franco, PA-C, video bio

Allyson Sorensen, PA-C

Allyson Sorensen, PA-C, video bio

Flu - Symptoms and Treatment

Chris Szabo, RN discusses the symptoms and treatments for th flu and when to visit the ER

Headaches - Symptoms and Treatments

Dr. Deanne Long discusses the symptoms of headache, how to treat, and when to head to the ER.

Toni LaMalfa, CNM

Toni LaMalfa, CNM, video bio

Wendy Macey, PA-C

Wendy Macey, PA-C, video bio

Ali Salari, D.O.

Ali Salari, D.O., video bio

Michelle Johnson, PA-C

Michelle Johnson, PA-C, video bio