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Primary Care Videos

Crystal Armstrong, M.D.

Crystal Armstrong, M.D., video bio

Michelle Johnson, PA-C

Michelle Johnson, PA-C, video bio

Allyson Sorensen, PA-C

Allyson Sorensen, PA-C, video bio

Kevin Wilson, M.D.

Kevin Wilson, M.D., video bio

Johanna Greenberg, PA-C

Johanna Greenberg, PA-C, video bio

Burns and Emergency Treatment

Chris Szabo, R.N. from the South Jordan Health Center Emergency Department discusses burn injuries and when to go to the Emergency Room.

Heather George, PA-C

Heather George, PA-C, video bio

David Poor, M.D.

David Poor, M.D., video bio

Appendicitis - Symptoms and Treatment

Lisa Deschamps, R.N., explains the symptoms of appendicitis