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Concussion - Symptoms and Treatment

Dr. Christopher Gee discusses the symptoms of concussion and the importance of seeking medical treatement.

Information you need when when coming to the ER

Dr. Chris Gee provides a few tips to help make your ER visit safe and successful.

Brett Clayson, PA-C

Brett Clayson, PA-C, video bio

Headaches - Symptoms and Treatments

Dr. Deanne Long discusses the symptoms of headache, how to treat, and when to head to the ER.

Jesse Jorgensen, PA-C

Jesse Jorgensen, PA-C

Jeffrey Cline, M.D.

Jeffrey Cline, M.D., video bio

Women And Heart Attack

Dr. Deanne Long explains the differences with heart attack symptoms in women and what to look for.

Mary Shapiro, M.D.

Mary Shapiro, M.D., video bio

Burns and Emergency Treatment

Chris Szabo, R.N. from the South Jordan Health Center Emergency Department discusses burn injuries and when to go to the Emergency Room.