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Ophthalmology Videos

International Outreach in Surabaya-Cornea Transplant

Dr. Balamurali Ambati works with Orbis to treat cornea disease and train physicians.

Internationial Outreach-Dr. Ambati

"International Outreach" showcases some of Dr. Ambati’s humanitarian missions throughout the developing world. Dr. Ambati focused a lot on teaching and educating the brightest ophthalmologist in third-world countries.

Sight for the Sightless-India

Sight for the SIghtless is about a young boy named Kedar from India. Dr. Bala Ambati working as an honorary surgeon for the "Sight for the Sightless" Hospital, performed an artificial cornea transplant on young Kedar.

Research Participant Stories - Michael Nebeker

Michael Nebeker's story of participating in clinical research at the University of Utah.

Restore Your Vision-Dr. Ambati

“Restore your Vision” is about dealing with blindness and the way that the new advances in eye care can help those looking for vision correction. It goes through the procedure of a cataract surgery. The video also has testimonials of those that have gone through cataract surgery.

Research Endeavors-Dr. Ambati

“Research Endeavors” discusses the different types of eye diseases that occur along with what is being done to treat them. Dr. Ambati narrates the entire video with what research he, and his team, have done to help alleviate eye disease.

Lasik on the Front Lines

The biggest advantage in combat has always been seeing your enemy before they can see you. This video discusses how the military is utilizing advances in technology and laser vision correction surgery to equip military men and women with the best vision possible. Improving a soldiers' vision is like upgrading the "human weapons system" and can mean the difference between life and death during combat situations.