University Health Care Video Library

Orthopaedics Videos

VDO Orthopaedics

Dr. Robert Pendleton and Dr Christopher Pelt talk about delivering better value to our patients.

Overuse Injuries

Dr. Amy P. Powell

Finger and Wrist Injuries

University of Utah Health Care - Douglas T. Hutchinson, M.D. Orthopaedic Hand Specialist talks about finger and wrist injuries .What they are, recovery time and how to treat them.

Warfarin video (Blood Clot Prevention)

After joint replacement surgery, your physician will prescribe Warfarin. This video provides important information on how to take the medication, risks, and possible side effects. If you have additional questions, please contact the Thrombosis Service at 801-585-3713.

Joint Replacement Center

Dr. Chris Peters: Joint Replacement Surgeon

Weather & Sun Protection

University of Utah Health Care - Dori Schmalzle, RN, Outreach and Offsite Clinics Manager, reminds you of the importance of proper sunscreen and eye wear to wear on the mountain.