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Transplant Videos

Kidney Transplant Part 1, KSL

Part 1 of a series profiling three patients who receive kidney transplants in chain of giving.

Treating Heart Failure

New devices give patients a second chance at life.

Second Largest Kidney Donation Chain on Record

The transplant team at University Hospital participated in the second largest kidney donation exchange on record. Hear from the Utah man who recieved a kidney in the exchange.

Kidney Transplant Part 3, KSL

Part 3 of a series following the unique kidney exchange between strangers.

Kidney Exchange Connects Strangers, ABC4

Kidney exchange connects strangers through life-saving donatons.

Kidney Transplant Part 2, KSL

Part 2 of a series profiling kidney donors and recipients.

Utah Cardiac Transplant

Dr. Craig Selzman discusses the success of the Utah Cardiac Transplant Program