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Hope in Sight: Moran Eye Center Campaign for Vision

The Moran Eye Center’s Hope in Sight Campaign is raising critical funds to find cures for eye diseases like AMD that blind millions of people around the world each year, and to provide care for the millions more who could have their sight restored. More than 6.4 million Americans (including almost 500,000 children) are blind or impaired by eye disease, and this number is projected to reach 9 million by 2020. Globally, the number jumps to 285 million. Blindness has a uniquely deep economic impact, especially in the developing world. In 2010, economists put the costs of vision loss at $4.3 trillion. And second only to being diagnosed with a terminal disease, blindness is the diagnosis patients say they fear most.

Dawn Persson

Patient Testimonial - Verisyse Lens Recipient

How to Perform a Multifocal Electroretinogram

Dr. Donnell Creel demonstrates how to perform an mfERG, including the environment, equipment and analysis involved. Mandarin Chinese subtitles

See The Need—Moran Eye Center International Outreach

The John A. Moran Eye Center is committed to curing blindness throughout the developing world. Our sustainable model focuses on training ophthalmic leaders and teachers, while bringing surgical intervention to the areas that need it the most. Music by Kurt Bestor.

Moran Eye Center trains doctors from around the world

he University of Utah’s John A Moran Eye Center is having a worldwide impact. The center invites ophthalmologists from developing countries to train here in Salt Lake for a three- to six-month program.

Charitable Surgery Day 2013 (KSL)

University of Utah Health Care's Moran Eye Center hosted a Charitable Surgery Day. It's an annual event held to provide various eye surgeries for free.