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Sun Safety Tips

Dr. Erika Summers gives you tips on how to stay safe in the sun this summer.

Wound Care After Mohs Surgery

Huntsman Cancer Institute's Glen Bowen, MD, discusses wound care after Mohs surgery.

Mohs Surgery & Skin Cancer

Glen Bowen, MD, talks about skin cancer prevention, identification ,and treatment on KTVX Good Day Utah

Sun Safety

Surprising sun safety tips

Indoor Tanning Risks

Dr. Robert Andtbacka discusses risks of tanning, following tanning mom story. Video courtesy of

What is Mohs Surgery?

Huntsman Cancer Institute's Glen Bowen, MD, Director of Treatment Planning Conferences of the Multidisciplinary Cutaneous Oncology Program, talks about what Mohs surgery is and how it is used to treat skin cancers. For more information on skin cancer, visit

Molemapping - KSL News

Huntsman Cancer Institute's Doug Grossman, MD, PhD, spoke with KSL News about mole mapping. Video courtesy of KSL

Sun safety at Be Well Utah

Lori Maness from Huntsman Cancer Institute discusses sun safety at Be Well Utah 2013.