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Nursing Innovations Videos

Debi Lundskog: How One Thing Can Make A Difference

RN Debi Lundskog talks about pain management; one thing can make a difference

Nursing Innovation Report 2012-Colleen Connelly on Accountability

Director of Critical and Intensive Care Colleen Connelly answers question "What is your definition of accountability?" and "What does Margaret do to inspire accountability in you?"

Nursing Innovation Report 2012-John Cooper on Accountability

ED Nurse Manager John Cooper speaks about an inclusive process as part of accountability and what demonstrates success

Bernice Tenort: Both Sides of the Camera

Nurse Manager Bernice Tenort on communication and team work

Kimberly Meyer: Keeping It Real

Nurse Educator Kimberly Meyer on training

Nursing Innovation Report 2012-Lance Littledike on Accountability

OTSS Nurse Manager Lance Littledike addresses accountability in nursing

Travis: A Young Man's Personal Perspective on His Chronic Pain Experience

Patient with chronic pain, Travis, discusses his experience working with specialists on chronic pain management triggered by an injury

Nursing Innovation Report 2012-Huntsman Oncology

Collaboration at the Hunstman Cancer Center Oncology ICU "What's best for the patient?"

Julia Beynon: Collaboration

Nursing Operations Director Julia Beynon discusses her experiences collaborating outside of her department