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Nursing Innovations Videos

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Laura Adams: Training

Curriculum Nursing Director Laura Adams speaks about charge nurse training on financial management and crucial conversation skills

Nursing Innovation Report 2012-Laura Adams on Accountability

Director, Acute Care and Rehab Laura Adams addresses the question of accountability

Julia Beynon: Collaboration

Nursing Operations Director Julia Beynon discusses her experiences collaborating outside of her department

Karen Nye and Natalie Manolakis: Collaboration

Nurse Managers Karen Nye and Natalie Manolakis on collaboration and team work

Jake Hendriksen: The Telephone Triage System

Senior IT Staff Analyst Jake Hendriksen on his experience as a patient expecting the birth of his second child

Susanna Cohen: Teamwork

Certified Nurse Midwife Susanna Cohen on training and teamwork

Paul Dorius: From Hospital to Home

Patient Paul Dorius with Clinical Coordinator Diana Peterson discusses coordinating his care from hospital to home

Nate Roll: Million Dollar Discover

EMT Nate Roll discusses resource management