University Health & Wellness Center

Nutritional Services

AppleNutritional services can meet a variety of individual needs. This service has a number of offerings to help you live a nutritionally healthy life no matter what your current circumstance may be.

Dietitian Nutritional Consultation

-$65 One-hour

The initial one-hour consultation includes: a computerized diet analysis of your three-day food record with a written report that includes a personalized action plan and basic meal plan; practical tips for dining out, eating on the run, snacking, and cooking.

Our dietitians can also tailor a plan based on the following health or medical issues you want to address.

  • Blood sugar/Diabetes
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • High cholesterol
  • Osteoporosis
  • High blood pressure
  • Sports Performance
  • Celiac Disease

Healthy Eating Strategies for the Business Traveler

-$65 One-hour

Strategies for making healthy, practical food choices while dining out or cooking during business travel.

Month of meal plans


Daily meal plans, includes three meals a day + snacks based on individual nutritional needs (ex: calorie levels, decreased sodium content, disease specific requirements, reduced fat) and food preferences.

Healthy Party Menu Planning

-$100 <20 guests
-$200 20 – 50 guests
-$300 50+ guests

Nutritious, healthy & delicious menus designed for your event based on specific nutrition requirements and/or personal food preferences.

Ration management/food planning for competition & expeditions

-$100 + cost of food <20 individuals
-$200 + cost of food 20+ individuals

Perfect for the individual training for a triathlon or planning for a group river trip.

Shopping & purchasing of foods appropriate for sport/ activity & duration of competition.

Nutrition Planning for Families


  • One-hour consultation with a registered dietitian
  • Computerized diet analysis and written report on three-day food record
  • Five 30-minute follow-up sessions
  • Personalized action plan including a meal plan and activity guidelines
  • Tips for school lunches and snacks and eating out

Grocery store tours

-$50/person, minimum 5 individuals

Understanding nutrition labels & how to navigate the grocery store to make healthy food choices.