Empowering Women who Want to Know How To:

  • Maximize and maintain health through menopause.
  • Help menopause symptoms.
  • Be your healthy weight.
  • Keep your heart, bones and memory healthy.
  • Decrease your chance for cancer and illness.

The Midlife Assessment Clinic Provides:

  • A comprehensive, thorough assessment of your health in a convenient half day setting.
  • A personalized plan to maximize your health.
  • Coordination of your health care needs.
  • Education: what you need to know about menopause and your health.

Each Assessment will Include:

  • Obtaining your health history prior to your visit
  • Review of your history in advance, with completion of an extensive screening questionnaire identifying risk factors and known health issues.
  • Routine recommended lab tests and screenings will be obtained prior to your visit so that the results may be discussed.

A full health assessment, including:

  • A ‘snapshot’ of your health today
  • Assessment of your personal health risks
  • Assessment of family health risks
  • Complete assessment with primary care and gynecology providers
  • Skin Cancer screening by a dermatology provider
  • Hearing screening
  • Full screening for health problems, including cancer, heart, depression, skin, lungs, and female system (uterus, ovaries and vagina).

Meet with a Health Coach

  • Health Coaches are trained to help you in identifying YOUR goals for health, and to facilitate your development of an action plan to be successful in changing behavior.

Education and Information Including:

  • Menopause, memory, healthy eating and exercise, weight management, emotional health, heart health, bone health, cancer screening and prevention, intimacy, healthy sleep, bladder health and more.
  • A Personalized Health Summary and individualized recommendations for maximizing your health.
  • Coordination of care for identified health problems, as needed.