Resources for Expecting Parents

Pregnancy can be both exciting and challenging as you experience lifestyle changes and prepare for your baby. It can, however, also leave you wondering just how many things you don’t know. Though there is a lot of information available for expecting parents, you want to be sure it is trustworthy. To help you on your journey, we have gathered these helpful articles and other resources covering topics from choosing the right hospital for your labor and delivery experience to common tests during pregnancy. We hope you find these helpful. Feel free to also browse our prenatal classes and contact us with any questions.

Calculating a Due Date

Calculating a Due Date:

How many months do you have to get ready for baby?

The First Trimester

The First Trimester:

Learn about prenatal visits, fetus development and physical changes during pregnancy.

Tips for the Expectant Dad

We’re Pregnant! Tips for the Expectant Dad:

As part of the pregnancy equation, what do dads need to know about what’s ahead?

Healthy Pregnancy

Healthy Pregnancy Quiz:

How much do you know about having a healthy pregnancy?

birthing space

Choosing a Hospital or Birthing Space:

Not only do you want to be comfortable in the space where you will give birth, you also want to know what resources will be available to you in the space where you have your baby.

common pregnancy tests

Common Tests During Pregnancy:

Just what sorts of tests can you expect while you are pregnant (besides that ever important ultrasound)?

Healthy Pregnancy Guide

Healthy Pregnancy Guide:

View a step-by-step guide to pregnancy from start to finish line (or would that be baby’s first breath, aka life as you’ve never known it before?).