Serving Utahns in Need

Utahns who are uninsured, have low incomes, are homeless, or are former refugees need access to affordable eye care and assistance navigating the health care system.

The Impact

Curable blindness keeps our neighbors from fully participating in society: finding or holding jobs, reading, driving, caring for their children, or engaging in school.

Our Solution

Provide free or low-cost eye exams, surgeries, and eyeglasses to those in need on the Navajo Nation and around Utah.

Community Clinics and No-Cost Surgeries

Physicians conduct vision screenings at Salt Lake City’s Fourth Street and Maliheh clinics and the People’s Health Clinic in Park City. Patients needing surgery are referred to twice-yearly Operation Sight Day events at Moran and partner locations statewide. Operation Independent Sight offers vision correction surgery for spinal cord injury patients.

Eye Care for Homeless and Refugees

Moran provides vision screenings, distributes eyeglasses, and makes referrals for charity surgery as part of Project Homeless Connect and through its Refugee Eye Care Clinic.

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