We offer a full range diagnostic tests for male partner fertility difficulties. In addition, we have various treatment options for your patients attempting to reach their goal of obtaining a pregnancy, as well as cryopreservation for future fertility treatments.

With our CAP (College of American Pathology) certification, we do require an order from you, as the patient’s care provider, indicating which procedure should be performed at your request. The requisition order and requisition order for sperm preparation are available for your staff to fill out or you may use a prescription pad or your own form. Please indicate patient name, test(s) requested, a fax number (or address), and your signature. Your patient may bring the request in person or your staff may fax the requisition to 801-581-6127.

The test results with dictation will arrive in your office typically five to seven days after the patient comes in for his appointment.

For your patient’s benefit, the Sample Collection Instructions and Fee Schedule & Policy are also available.