Complex But Treatable

Male infertility is a complex condition that we are just beginning to understand. There are three ways to divide male infertility cases: 

  1. The first group, whose infertility cause we can diagnose and treat
  2. The second group, whose infertility causes we can diagnose but not treat
  3. The third group, whose underlying cause of infertility we cannot diagnose or treat
Causes of Infertility | University of Utah Health Care

Most conditions, even though they fall into the third category where we cannot diagnose or treat their underlying cause, can still be surgically treated. This means that most of the men we treat can father their own children.

Treatable Genetic Conditions

Most of male factor infertility are genetic conditions that cause low sperm production and, often, no sperm in the ejaculate. Although we cannot treat the underlying genetic cause of many of these conditions, we are typically able to find sperm surgically in about 70% of these men.

Other Treatable Causes

These other causes of male infertility can be diagnosed and treated effectively: