Your Appointment at Our Outpatient Burn Clinic

Your Appointment at Our Outpatient Burn Clinic

If you’ve recently been discharged as an inpatient from the Burn Center, or your burn did not require hospitalization, you will be seen in our outpatient clinic. The burn outpatient clinic is where you will come back to have your wounds evaluated and treated in conjunction with your home care.

Following is a brief summary describing a typical visit. If you have any questions related to your specific care, please contact the outpatient clinic.


Pain management is an important aspect of your care. It is requested that you take your prescribed pain medications approximately 30 minutes prior to your arrival in anticipation of having your dressings changed.

Arrival & Check-in: Where Are We Located?

The Burn Clinic is located on the 4th floor of University of Utah Hospital. Free valet parking is located at the main hospital entrance. It is available for all patients and visitors to the hospital.

Upon entering the hospital, proceed through the main lobby past the pharmacy and gift shop toward the elevators. Take the elevators to the 4th floor. Follow the signs to the Burn Clinic. Burn Clinic check in and registration are completed at the Burn Clinic. Hospital maps are available at the Customer Service desk in the main lobby.

Clinic Visit

Once you arrive at the Burn Center, an outpatient care representative will greet you and assist you into a clinic room where a health care assistant will perform a brief history and obtain a set of vital signs. At this point your dressings will be removed and your burn wounds will be washed.

A nurse practitioner will then assess and determine an appropriate plan of care for your wounds as they continue to progress and heal. At this time it is assessed if surgical intervention will be required. A physician is available for assessment as needed. The nurse practitioner will prescribe any changes to your wound care, and scar management will be discussed.

A physical therapist will also assess your healing and scarring process. They will check range of motion and instruct you on additional stretches, splints, and exercises that are needed to help you return to full function. They will determine what type of compression is appropriate for your injury and measure you for burn scar supports as indicated. Burn scar supports may need to be altered on subsequent visits.

Your dressings are then reapplied and you are given the dressing change supplies needed until you return to the burn clinic. You may be given additional prescriptions as indicated and release forms for work or school.

Your follow up clinic visit is made with the outpatient care representative and any additional questions you may have are answered.

The Frequency of Visits

Your frequency of appointments in the burn clinic will vary depending on your individual needs. Initially, visits can range from every two to four days to once a week. The visits will then spread out to monthly, and then every three months. We are interested in supporting patients for at least one year post burn. Some patients require additional surgical scar release surgeries several years after their initial burn injury. We care for these patients as well.