Visiting loved ones who are critically ill or injured is not easy. Added to the extreme difficulty of seeing a loved one so ill and vulnerable, are the unfamiliar sights and sounds of the critical care unit. It takes a special effort to control your own emotions and still have the strength to contribute to your loved one’s care. Your visit is important; it can be a meaningful experience for you, and truly soothing and healing for the patient. It is our hope that the following guidelines will assist you during your visit.

General Visiting Guidelines

Please rotate visitors as needed. We ask that visitors respect the patient’s privacy and step out of the room when care is given or when asked. When asked to step out, please leave the unit completely. Do not stand outside the room.

Accessing the Burn Center: Where Are We Located?

The Burn Center is located on the 4th floor of University of Utah Hospital. Free valet parking is available for all visitors. From the main lobby, take the visitor elevators and follow the signs to Burn Center entrance. Hospital maps are available at the Customer Service desk in the main lobby. (For a floor map, please see the University Hospital location.)

Before entering the unit, visitors need to use the intercom to notify staff that they would like to enter. This is needed each time you enter the unit. Hand sanitizer is provided prior to entering the unit and should be used before and after visiting.

Families and friends visiting patients with a 20 percent or more burn must wear a gown and gloves while in the room. A hat and mask must be worn if they participate in dressing changes. The skin protects the body from infection and people with large burns lack the ability to protect themselves from infections that visitors can bring.

Visiting Hours

While it is our goal to accommodate each patient’s and family’s needs, patient care comes first and may keep visitors from visiting as often as they wish.

Fighting the Flu

Family and friends who are ill with an infectious disease, such as a cold or flu, should not visit. There are special guidelines during flu season that all visitors need to follow.

Children on the Unit

Children are welcome to visit, however it is important that they are supervised by an adult. Please do not leave children unsupervised in the waiting room or hallways. Children must have shoes on when visiting the patient care areas and should be reminded to stay off the floor.

During cold and flu season, children under the age of 14 are not allowed in patient care areas of the hospital. If you have children visitors, emotional preparation is offered to them before visiting for the first time.


We recognize the important part animals play in healing. Family pets current on vaccinations may visit. Please make arrangements with the care team. Our Volunteer Services department offers visitation from a certified pet therapy dog or cat if the patient’s pet is unable to visit.

Family Spokesperson and Phone Calls

We recommend that families designate a single spokesperson to assist with communication between the critical care team and other family members. By identifying a spokesperson, communication cannot only become more clear, but also more efficient. Please remember to leave a contact number (home phone, cell phone, or pager number) with the assigned nurse or health unit coordinator.

As your loved one heals, a family member may be asked to become more involved with the patient’s wound care and therapies to facilitate a successful transition back home.

A patient information security code will be given and needs to be provided when calling to obtain information about the patient’s condition. Please only provide the code to people who should know the patient’s condition.

Waiting Rooms

The burn center support room is located down the hall from the entrance to the unit. We appreciate your help in keeping the area clean. There is a telephone for your use. Visitor restrooms are near the elevators. Restrooms located on the unit are for patient use only.


Fresh flowers and plants are not allowed in the intensive care units as they carry bacteria, mold and fungus. Only Mylar balloons are permitted in patient rooms. Latex balloons pose a danger to people with latex allergies and present a potential choking danger to children.


Valuables and other belongings should be taken home. There is limited storage space in the unit so please limit your belongings. Please do not leave personal items such as laptops, cell phones or MP3 players unsupervised. We are not responsible for these items.


All hospitals in the United States are smoke free. The smoking area for visitors is located outside the front entrance of the hospital. It is located on the north end of the north terrace.

For general hospital guidelines, please see the University of Utah Hospital Visitor Information.