Telemetry/Cardiology | University of Utah Health

Want to be an ICU nurse? Telemetry is a great place to build the skills you need to transition into the ICU setting. Join us in the exciting field of cardiovascular nursing! This high-paced, high-acuity setting provides exciting career opportunities for new and experienced nurses.

As a nurse on Telemetry you'll help patients needing an array of critical services, such as:

  • LVAD implants
  • Coronary artery bypass surgery, heart valve surgery, lung surgery, heart and lung transplants
  • Electrophysiology studies and procedures (ablations, pacemakers, ICDs)
  • Interventional cardiology (stent placement, diagnostic readings)
  • Bedside cardioversions
  • Echocardiograms
  • Emergent use of external pacemakers
  • Intravenous and oral medical treatment with medicines such as dopamine, dobutamine, nesiritide, Tikosyn, adenosine, nitroglycerin, heparin and Flolan

Training and educational opportunities for our nurses include:

  • Telemetry/ECG certification
  • ACLS certification
  • LVAD (left ventricular assist devise) training
  • Training to treat patients with chest tubes, pacer-wires and external pacemakers
  • Cardioversion, conscience sedation and mock code training

We have a friendly collaborative atmosphere, with strong teamwork. You are never alone on 4 North!