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Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) nurses experience unique opportunities to work with nationally recognized cancer physicians. Our oncology nurses provide comprehensive, professional nursing care, involving the patient and their family. A significant component of this role is care coordination enhancing continuity of care along the inpatient and outpatient continuum. Collaborating with the interdisciplinary teams, nurses assist with care planning, patient education, telephone triage, and electronic communication. Our nurses also have the chance to participate in a variety of research activities.

Among the advantages of working at HCI:

  • Collaborating with nationally recognized cancer physicians and other experts
  • The opportunity to specialize in nursing in specific types of cancer
  • The chance to work closely with patients
  • Opportunities to participate in a variety of research studies

As a nurse at HCI you can expect:

  • A rich and supportive learning environment
  • Education, both initial and ongoing, for a successful and satisfying career

Whether you are an experienced oncology nurse, med/surg nurse, or new grad looking to make a transition, Huntsman Cancer Institute offers a great opportunity in oncology nursing.

If you love excellence in patient care, this is the place to be!

Huntsman Cancer Institute Nursing Services